Welcome to the Cardboard Crusader, a blog all about solitaire board gaming.

The primary goal of the Cardboard Crusader blog is to evangelize the subset of the board game hobby know as solo or solitaire board gaming.  Solitaire gaming is still relatively unknown to the general public and even the board gaming community.  This blog seeks to dispel the notion that solitaire board gaming is only for introverts, weirdos, or people who live in Northern Canada and can’t find a game group.

Popular ways to experience this part of the hobby are by playing games specifically designed for solitaire play or with a solitaire option(Ex. Friday or Mage Knight:The Board Game).  Other styles are to play multiplayer games alone where you play every/both sides and what the game lacks in hidden goals and strategic counter-play can be made up for in the story and narrative arch that develops.  This is also a useful way to learn the game’s rules and mechanics without infuriating other gamers.