Board Games I Want for Christmas Part 1


The holidays are fast approaching and this year I have decided I will by less board games as I went a bit crazy last year.  Not to mention, I also brought back an enormous haul from Gen Con and still have a couple games to play from that too (the horror!).

With that being said, here is what is on my radar.  I plan to do much more research as we get closer and I will release a part 2 or 3 in the near future to let you know what other games I am drooling over this holiday season.

Star Wars Armada


One word: star destroyers.  The classic image of Star Wars and all its glory.  There is a high chance we will see the new Star Wars movie multple time, as long as it is good, and I sure some of the new amazing capital class ships in the movie will fidn their way into this game.

As an owner of a large but no where near compelte set of X-wing, I find it hard to pull the trigger on this baby.  X-wing doesn’t get played as much in my house due to set up time and all the different cutomizable options not being appreciated or valued as much as a more hardcore player might.

My hope for this game is that battles with 4-7 ships on each side are possible but from all that I have read and seen that might be unwieldy or time consuming.  The starter box is really such a tease because few battles in the movies happen with only 1 ship versus 2, bleh!

Coolstuffinc recently had almost all their Armada stuff on sale for Halloween and I almost cracked and bought it.  Maybe Santa will be less able to resist a another great sale.

Hostage Negotiator Expansions

hn cover

I do not know if these will be out in time but are high up on my wishlist.  Hostage Negotiator is one of the favorite games and has relegated friday to the dust bin ever since it showed up.  I am going to review it at some point(better late then never as they say!).

The only real fault of the base game is limited replayability and a couple non-intuitive rules that are crucial to the game but require a few plays to internalize and overcome the fact that they seem out of place.


mysterium board game

Well, Mysterium was on my wishlist until a few days ago.  My Fiance and I were looking for a Halloween themed game and it turns out this was a great pick as the game’s setting/story actually takes place on halloween.  Can’t get much closer then that I think.

I have held off on this one because of concerns with how it plays with only 2 players.  Turns out it is pretty good but has a few wonky aspects to the 2 player game that I am not crazy about.  The 2nd phase of the game is, as far as I can tell, entirely seperate from the first except for the fact that if you don’t beat the first phase there won’t be a 2nd one.  Other then that, the information you gather and clues you learn have no impact specifically.

This is especially apparent in the 2 player game, where the final round 2 random set of clue sets appear out of nowhere and the ghost can choose to attempt to describe those, despite the fact that they did not exist until that moment.  I wish the clues in the first part of the game helped narrow in more directly on the true right answer rather then just allowing you to advance to the solving stage if you do a good job.  ICK!

Runebound 3rd Edition

Runebound board game

Noticed today that this just released to the wild.  I had always been vaguely interested in Runebound as it was occasionaly slung around the circles in frequent as  solid solitaire game, but the expansions were out of print and the base game difficult to find too.

With FFG bringing a new edition, I went into hibernation mode and patiently waited for the new edition that would likely be slightly improved I am sure.

I hope they kept the awesome dice that facilitate and restrict exploration as I thought that was a unique mechanic to the game and with so many games adstracting or simply excluding exploration in their designs it would be nice to have a game that has that as a central focus.  Mage Knight, obviously, does that quite well but also has so much going on it is a diservice to call that an “exploration game”.

Warhammer Quest: The Adventure Card Game

Whoah daddy, I can’t wait for this one.  I am a casual fan of the Pathfinder Adventure Card Games, but play them very slowly.  I have played the WHQ app and enjoyed it and I am a nut for the Warhammer setting as I played it a lot as a youth.  This game is like the perfect meal where all your favorite foods combine on one plate to make an awesome dinner.

I am somewhat disappointed that this is not a living card game as I have been silently hoping FFG would releasing another solo LCG similar to the Lord of the Rings LCG, but alas.  I think LOTR LCG has sold insanely well and years later it is still going strong so you think they would notice that something is working there, but who knows.

Maybe they will have a 1-2 Star Wars LCG where you play 1-2 Jedi and go around on stealth missions to help far off planets or gather secrets for the good guys?  We can dream!

Regardless of the games format, I am super stoked for this one.  Release date of Nov/Dec, cross your fingers it is here in time!  Go boat go!

Once we get a tad closer to the holidays I will update this and release a part 2 once I compile my list of games to buy for myself and to ask the family for.

Happy gaming and thanks for reading!

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Cover image via averoxot on deviant art via CC license.