Games on the Horizon #1 3-16-15


In this series, I preview some upcoming games that are relevant to the solo player audience and give my thoughts on them.


Mistfall is a game by NSKN Games for 1-4 players.  It is described as a game that has “legendary heroes, vile monsters, and true fellowship awart(ing) in the perilous fantasy world of Mistfall!”

Mistfall is a cooperative, fantasy card game with some pinches of Eldritch nuttiness thrown in.  The gameplay appears to be mostly card based where you have a deck and a hand of cards that drives your actions and powers.  There also appears to be some minor exploration as there are 7 face down tiles and 2 face up tiles are the start of the game.

My initial impression is that it looks like a heavier Pathfinder Adventure Card game with less persistence and permanence.  I love fantasy themes and exploration so I am very interested. The classes you can play are the overused, boring mage/warrior/rogue types but that is a hard complaint to levy as very few games of this type have truly unique classes.

It does appear to fix my #1 complain with PFAG where non thematic monsters appear where they don’t belong aka fire elemental inside the ogre hideout.

Richard Ham did a game play run though if you would like to know more.

The campaign ends Apr 2nd and the delivery date is expected for Nov/Sept 2015 so given that most Kickstarters have delays I would say to expect this game to release to distribution in later 2015, early 2016.

Temple of Elemental Evil

Temple of Elemental Evil is the fourth game in the D&D Aventure Board Game line by WOC and Wizkids

This game follows the formula of its predecessor which means it will have tiles with dull artwork, loads of unpainted minis of decent sculpt quality, and can be mixed and match with previous and future games to increase variety.  The dungeons beneath Sword Coast appear to be the next foray for adventurers.

I sold my Wrath of Ashardalon game a few years back as the system is repetitive and lacking in any sort of cohesive story for me, although I can see how it could be a good cooperative type gateway game for new gamers or kids.  I personally think Mice and Mystics fulfills that role better, especially for kids, and has a incredible story to boot.

With an expected April 2015 release date, look for this one at your friendly local game store in the near future!

Conflict of Heroes Expansion

The Solo Expansion for Conflict of Heroes is the closet thing I can find to the Moby Dick of the Board Gaming world.  It is so elusive that rumors abound as to whether it ever be released at all.  Well strap yourselves in because it is coming out in March!  Well, not actually, but is coming out…soon.

I know, I know, you have heard that before.  But wait, whats that, a bird, a plane?  No, its proof!  And more proof to come.

My copy of COH has been languishing quietly these past few years waiting for its time in the spotlight.  All I can say now is I hope it was worth the wait.


Have you pre-ordered or backed any of these games?  Looking forward to another game?  Let me know in the comments!

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