Gencon 2015 Games I Am Interested In(part 1)


I am going to Gencon this year for the second time, woohoo!  While I might only be there for Thurs/Friday not the whole weekend, I should be able to make a few laps around the vendor hall and burn through some hard earn cash.

In this post and the next I will talk about some of the games from the preview list that I am interested in.  They will be mostly Solitaire/1 player friendly games but also ones by fiance might play as well.  To the list!

gencon 1 coh


Is it a bird?  Is it a Mewtwo?  Is it a Spiderman movie that doesn’t stink?  No!

I don’t know if this counts because it might already be out, but I am very likely to pick this up at Gencon.  I have mentioned before how it is amazing it is actually almost here.  I can’t tell you how many times I thought about trading or selling COH even though its awesome, but this expansion kept me from pulling the trigger.   I hope that wacky matrix algorithm AI they came up with is worth it.

Status: Must Buy!

gencon 2 dice cityThe concept of “dice crafting”, whatever that is, sounds really interesting.  I know Rattlebones tried it and it worked OK, but from what I heard the game was very light overall and not strategically worth all the trouble of taking the die faces on and off and on and off.  Artwork looks hilarious, kinda cute like Imperial Settlers in a way.  1-4 players which means there is a solo mode built in.  Short play time.

A lot to like here, but this is not a buy for me, need more information.  I think I heard the Dice Tower or another podcast preview this but I can’t remember what they said, sigh.

Status: Try/Demo

gen con vok 3Do I, or any of us, really need ANOTHER small box deck building game?  Well we have Star Realms right?  Shouldn’t that be enough.  Not sure why I am interested in this, as I didnt play or buy the first one.

I watched a couple videos and it looked like a neat game but not amazing, ya know?  This might be one that finds its way into my bag if I have an extra 20 spot that I can’t spend, but that is unlikely.  I am interested to know how different the game is from the other one, or if it is just different cards with slightly different mechanics ala a Dominion expansion.

Status: Might try/demo or impulse buy

gencon 4 dinosaurDamn, that is a unique theme.  There have been games about archaeology, excavating, and fossils before.  Not alot, but some.  But this game has hit on a really cool one.  I don’t think it will work solo, at all, but then again I don’t have much info on it.  This is one of those games I want to demo or at least see to learn more about on theme alone.  Great, original theme for a Euro game even if it isn’t a euro style game.

There is a chance this is a really light set collection game, but I am hoping it has more meat on its bones(pun intended).

Status: Must try/demo

gencon 5 galaxyDo I have a case of Kickstarer regret?  Maybe.

I am very, very interested in this beauty and its expansion brother.  On the whole I really liked Galaxy Defenders, other then its garbage campaign system.  The app support was nice as well.  The one hangup for me is that these are probably going to be in huge boxes and I am not sure if I want to carry them around all day.

They should have mules or camels or something that you can load up with games and ride back to your hotel/car and drop off.  Gencon please!!

Status: Must buy, but bulky

gencon 6 oneddYou can never have enough small solo games, right?  Not much is known about this, I am not even sure if this is the right picture.  The preview geeklist says it will be available in a “beta” form, so depending on how ugly that is I might pick it up.

Status: Try, maybe buy if not ugly

gencon 7 attilaThis game looks at lot like the Pocket Battles series, to me.  It is historically based, but in a way that is light and cartoony without being offensive.  At the heart I think this is an abstract game, which I also like.  Could be a great game to play out on our deck or at a picnic, depending upon components.

Status: Must try/demo

gencon 8 hoploEverytime this game comes up on kickstarter, my interest is piqued.  I have never pulled the trigger, however.  I know lots of people on the 1 player guild and Ricky Royal love this game.  If I have time at Gencon I might try to get a demo, we will see.

Status: Demo if time allows

gencon 2015 games flick em upOh my, sweet baby raptor Jesus.  When Rampage/Terror in Meeple City came out I knew I must have it and I feel the same way about this game.  Dexterity games with awesome themes that allow you do destroy stuff and aren’t just abstract garbage are amazing.  This may very well be the game I run for at 10am on Thursday as the vendor hall opens.

While definitely not a solo game, it says it is 2 to 10 players.  I have concerns that the 2 player game might be bad, but from what I can tell from the rules you probably play 4-5 cowboys each rather than just one, which would be boring as they would never encounter each other in the giant town you have set up.  Check out Tom Vasel’s review for more info!

Status: First day buy/must have it!