King’s Armory Quick Thoughts: 1-7 Player Tower Defense!



Picked this diddy up on a whim at GenCon 2015. I wasted a lot of my youth playing tower defense games as custom gamers in Warcraft 3 and Starcraft 1 so I was a fan of the genre.  Wintermaul and others that I can’t remember the name of were some of my favorites. This game was billed as a direct inspiration or board game form of that so I gave it a shot.

First thing I noticed when opening the box is the cool 3d towers that you assemble. NEAT!

Next thing I noticed is holy crap there are ton of components and tokens.
Upon first read through of the rulebook I was really afraid this would end up being a poorly designed, overly complicated mess from a new designer/company. But as I played a few rounds, it turns out to be a vary straightforward run around and roll some dice, use your special powers to blow up the bad guys before they kill you or destroy your castle type game. The millions of little statistics that you need a microscope for aren’t so bad.



I haven’t played through a full game yet but I am really intrigued. The amount of stuff you can buy to help you like cards that do crazy stuff, hirelings, equipment, etc. is remarkable.

You know what the best part is? This is a cooperative game you can play with one hero/role/character and IT ACTUALLY WORKS! How many of those are there. If you play an archer you can buy hirelings or assistants that do the other roles like warrior and wizard for you–it balances out whatever role you are so you don’t have to play a pseudo 3 hero setup or more.

Check this one out, might be a surprise winner.IMG_0754