Sentinels of the Multiverse Hero Spotlight: Mr. Fixer


Mr. Fixer is my favorite Sentinels of the Multiverse hero for many reasons(he is also coming soon to Sentinel Tactics).  I fell in love with his personality and back-story as soon as I first played with him.  I like the fact that his back-story is actually in the realm of possibility and he did not gain his powers through some impossible event such as getting hit by a meteor.  Mr fixer is a mechanic who used to run a kung fu dojo until some of his students got gunned down by drug dealers and he closed the school the next day.  He recently took to the streets to combat the growing crime problem after years of being a mechanic and staying out of the limelight.  He fixes cars by day and wallops criminals by night using his tools and his knowledge of martial arts fighting styles.

His play-style is a fairly straight forward yet versatile one.  He does not have as much raw damage as some like K.N.Y.F.E, Ra, or tempest, but has a minor amount of self utility to balance this out.

Mr. Fixer has two main types of cards: Styles and tools.  He can only have 1 of each type in play at any one time.  Styles are the marital arts technique he is currently using such as Praying Mantis, Riveting Crane, Grease Monkey Fist, etc.  His weapons include things like a pipe wrench,  dual crowbars, or tire Iron.  Each style and weapon modify his one shot cards and his powers.  For example, the Pipe Wrench increases the damage that Mr. Fixer does by 1 and reduces damage dealt to Mr. Fixer by 1.

mr fixer tools 2

These cards make up about on 25% of his deck with the rest being various one-shots, generic equipment, and ongoing cards.

Mr. Fixer’s strengths is his damage can be relatively high with the right combination of cards, the is relatively straight forward to play, he has a minor amount of utility and card/deck manipulation but can benefit from heroes like visionary helping him.  His area damage is decent if you manage to find the right tool/style but he will never deal 5 damage to every on the board like some other heroes are capable of.  Mr. Fixer also tends to only do melee damage and does not have a diversity of damage types.  This can get him into trouble if the environment of villain has or gains damage reduction for certain types.  To avoid this problem, players can make sure to pair Mr. Fixer with other heroes that specialize in different damage types or allow Mr. Fixer to deal a different type for a short time.

mr fixer style 3

Mr. Fixer does not offer a lot of cooperation or utility with other players.  He has little to no ability to enhance other player’s damage or mitigate damage other then the amazing grease gun card.

Grease gun might very well be the single strongest card he has.  Using grease gun prevents villains and environment targets from doing damage until the start of Mr. Fixer’s next turn while costing Mr. Fixer his ability to use powers and draw cards.  If used correctly, such as used when the villain is prepared to due a big round of hero damage because of environment cards in play or having a lot of minions the effectiveness and value of this card can skyrocket.  Mr. Fixer is best put at the beginning or near the beginning of the hero turns so that other heroes can focus on doing damage after him knowing that they have to fear of damage this turn and need not play mitigation cards.  Timing the play of this card correctly requires knowledge of the environment deck, the villain deck, and what your other heroes are capable of which gives Mr. Fixer solid replayability and gives the player a small way to feel like the are getting “better” at playing this hero.

Have you played as Mr. Fixer?  Do you enjoy him?  What is your favorite hero and villain?  Let me know if the comments below and stay tuned for more SOTM spotlights in the future!