Solitaire Gaming and Music: What Do You Listen To?


Solitaire gaming, by its very definition, appears to be a lonely affair.  But most of the time it isn’t.  And it doesn’t have to be.  While gaming, sometimes I will watch something on my computer–maybe a live or recorded E-sports event, some board game videos(how meta), or who knows what.  But most of the time I listen to music.

The music I have found I enjoy the most isn’t what I normally listen to or have always liked.  The funny thing is that the type of music have been listening to while gaming is the same that I listen to at work(we can’t use headphones), albeit at a very low volume where no one except me can hear it.  I have been enjoying a lot of techno, dance, instrumental type stuff.  Some favorite artists that I have come across recently are Avicii, The Shanghai Restoration Project, some selective Capital Cities songs, and my latest obsession, The Bag Raiders.

Throughout most of my life every since about age 16 or so I have listened to metal, metal-core, and heavy rock.  Music genres always scared and befuddled me as they are so malleable and ill defined yet some people go to great lengths to defend or criticize which songs are categorized in what genres.  So whenever I use genre names I try to include the caveat that I am probably using them incorrectly and I don’t really care.

The reason I have drifted toward these new bands and music style is because a lot of them don’t have words.  Or if they do, its not the main part of the song and serves mostly as a background or its completely nonsensical as the song is not about the lyrics.  This works well at work because it is not very professional to have some rap songs about clubs and strippers playing in the background when talking to clients or fellow employees.

It also works well for solitaire gaming because I have found that if the music is too loud or I try to listen to the words it distracts me from my game and I often forget where I am in the turn or what my strategy was.  This music without words I have found helps to drown out the street noise and other stuff like my fridges’ white noise beep beep beeping.

I am sure there is a study out there that explains why it is harder to think and focus with loud music playing or maybe that is obvious but I have found that to be the case with gaming but not other things.  You might think, duh Greg!–but in the past I have been able to concentrate on other things intently or even fall asleep in class while listening to really loud music(with headphones), but gaming is different.

So what to you listen to while you game, if anything?  Do you prefer some entertainment or distraction while gaming or absolute silence so you can focus on optimal performance and dominating the AI to the fullest extent?  Let me know if the comments below or tweet me @cardbrdcrusader.