The Most Forlorn/Dusty Games On My Shelf(and why!)

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The Battle at Kemble’s Cascade

Battle At Kemble's Cascade

Every year something about Z-man games has me captivated.  Every year they have one gave that rises to the top of my “must have” list.  For 2014 it was this unique retro vertically scrolling shooter space game(what a mouthful).

They had a sweet arcade game with the box artwork on it there but sadly it was not playable or powered, just for show.  First game of the con, bam!–into my bag.

I played it once solo to learn the rules immediately after getting home.  Then my spouse and I played it once and thought it was pretty neat.  Oh sure, the stupid plastic trays where cheap and fiddly, but big deal!  Space!  Retro video games!  Bosses!  Whats not to love?

Fast forward to September 23, 2015…guess how many times anyone in this household has played Kemble’s Cascade?



Cant get much dustier than that.  Now I should say it is stacked under some other games, so it isn’t physically dusty, but that is not the kind of dust I am talking about.

Why you ask?  Well to be honest, I don’t know.  Sometimes I haven’t played games in so long that I know for a fact I don’t remember the rules and sometimes it is easier to play something I know.  Does that ever happen to you?

That being said, it is a really cool game.  The designers even released custom solo scenarios for folks.  Hello Greg, break this one out!

Robinson Crusoe

Robinson Crusoe

If you read my Top 10 Solitaire games of all time then you would know the most common game that people suggested was missing from the list was Robinson Crusoe.  This island survival game by acclaimed Portal Games is a mainstay in the solo community and one of the highest ranking games on BGG.  So why have I neglected it so?

I played it once after not getting it for so long.  Have you ever cracked and bought a game after hearing good things about it for months, years on end?  That is what happend.  So I played it once.  Muddle through the rules, as could be expected.

And…gasp…played it again.  At least not yet.  Why?

Setup mostly.  I know it isn’t that bad and doesn’t take that long.  So I need to stop being a wussy.  I said the same thing in the comments of my top 10 that I promised to get more plays of it in.  I haven’t fulfilled that promise yet.  Maybe a new year’s resolution?  Haha.

Saints in Armor

“Hello down there!!” Saints in Armor *waves*

While I could make this entire list war games, I won’t subject you guys to that sort of boredom(the emails are on the way!).  Saints in Armor is a detailed, excellent, engrossing, rewarding war game covering the thirty years war.

My attempts to play, learn, and master this game have been rather, well, pathetic.  How many times can a person set up the first scenario of a game, play it halfway through, then pack up the game before they up and sell the stinker?  Well, in my case, that number would be more then 4.

Four times I have played the first scenario.  Four times I have relearned all the terrain modifiers, relearned that light cav. aren’t heavy cav. and cant charge units straight up, relearned that I hate putting the cohesion counters on top of the units(you can’t see the cool pictures).  I don’t know if anyone else has this problem, but I hate when my war games look like a Sudoku game gone wrong.

In this corner we have three 1’s and seven 2’s battling a horde of 5’s and 6’s, BORING.  And talk about ruining the immersion or disbelief.  If you have this same problem, let me know that I am not crazy in the comments.

This is one of those “long weekend games”.  AKA games I plan to finally master and play all the way through on a Labor Day or Memorial Day weekend.  Maybe Thanksgiving it will finally happen?

Thanks for reading.  Let me know which games have the most dust(you haven’t played them in a long time) and why in the comments!  Stay tuned, I should be posting my review of Rum and Bones soon.


  1. Interesting post. I also have many games that sit on my shelf feeling lonely.

    For me, it is partially a function of having a rather large game collection. I simply don’t get a chance to play as many games as I would like so some don’t make it to the table very often.

    You comment about playing a game that you already know the rules to resonates loudly with me as well. When I have limited time to play a game, I don’t want to spend half that time reading a rule book.

    Thanks for sharing.

    • Hi Sean,

      Thanks for your comment. Do you ever consider selling or trading away some of your games that don’t get played as much since your collection is so large? For me, this has been a great way to keep the collection a reasonable size and to justify buying new stuff.

      Sometimes I feel like reading a book or playing a game but rarely both, so games I know the rules to are awesome for that reason :D.